Introduction and Blog Post Guidelines

September 27, 2012 in NHSDC Blog by Fran Ledger

Welcome to the NHSDC blog!  We are excited to create a space for sharing ideas and providing information about the world of human service data.

Share your ideas: 

Do you feel passionate about data and how it can improve lives? If you have an interesting idea; a position on certain industry standards or practices; or something unique you’ve been working on, consider being a guest blogger and sharing it with others.  Write a guest article!

What are you thinking about?

Comment on what you’ve read, share your thoughts and provide alternative viewpoints.  We welcome healthy dialogue and debate.

Spread the word:

If you see something you like, spread the word… Share it on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Where to get started?

Please start by reading the Blog Post Guidelines (see below) that give some helpful dos and don’ts.  Write a short proposal for your blog entry, a paragraph is fine, and send it to We will read your proposal and send you a response to let you know if it’s approved.  Once you have our approval, write the full blog article and submit it back to us for posting.


Blog Post Guidelines:

• Blog article topic with abstract must be submitted to and approved by NHSDC. Please submit proposed articles to
• Authors are expected to monitor and respond to content for at least 3 months following the original post.
• NHSDC owns all content on the blog and may decide to edit or remove posts at any time.
• Authors will be contacted within two working days if blog content is removed or edited.
• Authors found to be willfully disregarding the blog guidelines will be barred from future posting opportunities.

• Educate readers about ideas, innovations and best practices in the human service data field.
• Write original content. When quoting any other blog or publication, provide a web link to the original, if possible, and use quotation marks or block quotes. If you can’t link to a publication, please cite the title, author, publisher and year of publication.
• Writing should be clear and concise. The longer your post, the less likely people will read all the way through.
• Link to resources related to your topic.
• Promote posts via twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.
• Encourage dialogue through comments.
• When using a photograph that is not your own, be sure to obtain permission and cite the photographer.
• Include one sentence about your relevant history and current affiliation.

• Post material that is unlawful, abusive, defamatory, invasive of another’s privacy, or obscene to a reasonable person.
• Promote personal projects, regardless of whether they are fee-based on not.
• Include the name of products or services.

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