2018 Fall Conference

Start the Ignition: Implementing Changes for our Future

Good News! Preliminary Agenda is Here!

July 25, 2018 2018 Fall Conference

Here’s a sample of approved sessions that will be showcased at the NHSDC Fall 2018 Conference.

  • A Masters in Hard Knocks: The True story of open data sharing in Austin/Travis County, TX
  • Ending Chronic Homelessness – Are we there yet?
  • HMIS – How to engage your community
  • Homelessness and Medicaid Use: The Impact of Housing and Services
  • Tune Your System: Developing & Executing a Coordinated Entry Evaluation
  • Skills, strategies, and tools for creating a data-centric cultural shift
  • Advanced Approaches to System Modeling
  • Linking housing program and social service data to improve client services
  • Implementing and Operating a Coordinated Entry Project
  • Longitudinal Systems Analysis: Digging Deeper into System Performance by Populations and Geography
  • Diversify the Resources: Leveraging Multiple Funding Streams to Improve Your HMIS Implementation
  • Data Quality 101: What is a Data Quality Plan?
  • Data Quality 201: Bed Coverage and Strategies to Improve. – the community experience.
  • HMIS Training 101: Thinking Outside the Box
  • Confronting Data Related Barriers in Youth Homelessness Initiatives
  • Capacity Building for HMIS Leads and System Administrators
  • Mission Critical:  Your System Administration Can Make or Break Your Implementation
  • HMIS Lead Standards
  • Investigating Racial Disparities in the Homeless System and Considering Implications for Policy
  • Remote Coordinated Entry: Using tools and partnerships to create an innovative solution
  • Uses of system modeling to build consensus in homeless intervention funding strategy.
  • Beyond Risk Stratification: Why Understanding Population Segments Is the Future of Stratification
  • Identifying Systems Upstream that Lead to the Inflow of Homeless Veterans
  • Cross-system partnerships to prevent and end homelessness
  • Data-driven Interpretation of Chronic Status: Understanding Inflow, Outflow, and Utilization Patterns
  • Assertive Engagement: People are the Experts on Their Own Lives
  • Knowledge At First Sight: A Data Visualization Clinic

…and MORE! Please stay tuned for our conference agenda and schedule to be released in late September.


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