Preliminary Agenda Released for the 2016 Spring Conference

March 4, 2016 in Latest News by Fran Ledger

The Preliminary Agenda for the 2016 NHSDC Spring Conference has been released!  The final agenda will be released at the end of March.  Here is a list of the planned sessions:

  • Demystifying Privacy Law: Practical Advice for HMIS and Human Services System Administrators
  • Website DIY: Quick, Simple and Free Strategies to Harness the Web to Showcase Human Services Data
  • Strengths-based Housing Plans: An Evidenced Based HMIS Application to Meet HUD Data Standards
  • RHYMIS/HMIS: Myth Busting With Practice and Policy
  • What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been: Data Management in Pima County, Arizona
  • Early Outcomes from San Diego’s Person-Centered Trust Network
  • Shifting Focus: Moving your HMIS Project from a Compliance Driven System to a Data Driven System
  • The Final Countdown: PATH HMIS Integration
  • Not Just Another Waiting List: Effectively Using a Housing Prioritization List in a Coordinated Access System
  • Gathering HMIS data across NYS for Cross-Systems Analysis and Collaboration
  • Moving to a System Based Approach for your HMIS Implementation
  • Roundtable Discussion on HUD’s New Definition of Chronic Homelessness
  • Utilization of Existing Data Systems to Create By-Name Lists
  • Communication between CoCs and HMIS Leads/End Users
  • HMIS & Sharing Data: It Seems Complicated but Doesn’t Have to Be
  • Utilizing GIS for Providing Homeless Services
  • Follow the Money (Smartly): Using Data to Inform Reallocation
  • Data Sharing in a Coordinated Entry Environment
  • Shifting Paradigms by Integrating Criminal Justice Data
  • A Comprehensive Data System to End Veteran Homelessness: Connecticut’s Experience
  • Community-Driven Veteran By-Name Lists or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Sharing Data
  • Community-Driven Veteran By-Name Lists or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Sharing Data
  • Developing a Mobile Application to Support your PIT Count and Streamline Data Collection
  • Leadership + Data = Ending Homelessness
  • Plenary: Advancing a Technology Culture to End Homelessness in Los Angeles

Note: Sessions are subject to change based on final confirmation with presenters.


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