The National Human Services Data Consortium includes a wide range of people and organizations involved in the development and implementation of collaborative Management Information Systems across the U.S.

Our Vision

NHSDC drives public policy in both directions (bottom up and top down) and facilitates human services delivery improvements. Board of Directors The National Human Services Data Consortium’s Board of Directors is a diverse group of individuals with a variety of perspectives on issues related to collaborative data systems. Board members serve as individual appointees regardless of their organizational affiliation.

Our Priorities

To influence policy – information needs to be used to identify best practices, evaluate programs, make resources allocations, funding decisions and determine program eligibility

To create a bridge across services – to foster an understanding and have impact on from the bottom up and as well as from the top down

To be a utility for consumers and organizations – to ensure that data is used for positive change

To maintain a shared set of underlying values to guide our work

To address the issue of privacy standards as they are affected by new technology

To continue to drive the marketplace by developing and implementing best practices

Our Core Beliefs

NHSDC believes in the importance of quality data that is: scientific and humanistic, valid and reliable, and appropriate for evaluation and other uses

NHSDC understands the critical nature of consumer protection vs. utility

We utilize the collaborative work model for decision making and leadership

The desire to end homelessness is a driving force in our work

Being ethical and respectful is mandatory in the use of client-level data

Board Members