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October 4, 2020 2020 Fall Conference

Fall 2020 Virtual Conference Registration is NOW OPEN

August 26, 2020 2020 Fall Conference
The National Human Services Data Consortium is proud to announce our Fall 2020 Virtual Conference! The conference is unique because it will run throughout October. That’s right! Resources and sessions will be available the whole month to provide you with meaningful plenaries, sessions, labs, meetups, and more! We are so excited to bring this opportunity to get everyone connected even during pandemic times!
Dates: October 5th – October 30th
Time: Times for each session will vary
Cost: $110 per person. Register here: https://whova.com/portal/registration/event1_202004/
Sneak Peek at Conference Sessions:
Tracking Dynamic Housing Problem Solving Resources in HMIS
HUD Data Elements and Domestic Violence: Using Data to Inform Safety
Be A Data Guru – Examples, Insights, and Methods
From Implementation to Refinement: An Action-Oriented Project Management Approach to CES Refinement
Driving Policy Change through the Application of Data
HMIS Personnel Certification
Coordinated Entry 2.0 When Coordinated Entry Needs More Coordination and Less Data Entry
HMIS Project Set-up 101
HMIS Budgeting Strategies
Implementing Effective Contract Negotiation and Relationship Management Strategies 101
HMIS Project Set-up 201
HMIS Project Management and Annual Calendar of Expectations
HMIS Governance 101
Data Quality 101: What is DQ?
Problem Solving Lab: Develop Your DQ Plan
Plenaries to be announced
What Else to Expect
Networking Virtual Meetups
Social Virtual Meetups
Session Discussion Communities
Wellness Sessions

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