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HMIS Training 101: Thinking Outside the Box

HMIS Training 101: Thinking Outside the Box

September 23, 2018 2018 Fall Conference

HMIS Training 101: Thinking Outside the Box

A 215 county coverage area, 250+ HMIS end users, and an HMIS team of three. This was the Texas Balance of State. Add a monthly stream of new HMIS users and a state-wide Coordinated Entry implementation, and the BoS faced unique training challenges. We’ll walk through training models we tried to fit our CoC’s needs and constraints. We’ll also share strategies and tools for training an effective, motivated HMIS user-base.

Victoria Lopez/HMIS Program Coordinator/Texas Homeless Network and Jesús DeLeón-Serratos/HMIS Project Manager/Texas Homeless Network

“Victoria Lopez is an HMIS Program Coordinator at the Texas Homeless Network. Victoria handles HMIS trainings and also helps with HMIS reporting and technical assistance. She has a Master’s degree in Rhetoric, Composition, and Professional Communication from Iowa State University and a Bachelor’s degree in English from Texas A&M University. She represents an HMIS Lead Agency.

Jesús DeLeón-Serratos plays the role of HMIS Project Manager in the Texas Homeless Network. His eclectic background ranges from six years in communications to ten in the non-profit galaxy. He has solid experience as a journalist, radio DJ, TV writer, theater and film production, also in social work, case management and training. Jesús believes communications in non-profit have an undetermined potential yet to be fully unleashed. You may say he is a dreamer, but he is not the only one. He represents an HMIS Lead Agency.”