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Confronting Data Related Barriers in Youth Homelessness Initiatives

Confronting Data Related Barriers in Youth Homelessness Initiatives

September 23, 2018 2018 Fall Conference

Confronting Data Related Barriers in Youth Homelessness Initiatives

Ending homelessness among youth and young adults will require unique approaches to collecting and sharing data. This presentation will provide an overview of data-related challenges in the recent HUD-sponsored 100 Day Challenges to end youth homelessness, including collecting sensitive data from young clients, privacy issues in serving unaccompanied minors, and barriers in sharing data across social services systems. One CoC will present on how they confronted these challenges. Implementations, Innovations, and Best Practices Beginner to Intermediate “After attending, the audience will have an understanding of:

(1) data-related challenges specific to youth homelessness programs;
(2) ways to confront these challenges; and
(3) specific examples of how communities have confronted these challenges.”

George Martin/Policy Analyst/HomeBase  Jo Zimmer/CoC Coordinator/Rural Oregon Continuum of Care

George Martin, Policy Analyst, HomeBase. George has been a HUD Technical Assistance provider working on issues of homelessness for six years. He provides technical assistance to communities nationwide on CoC requirements; program design, implementation, and operation; program- and system-level evaluation; strategic planning; and facilitating collaboration between homeless systems and other mainstream public service systems.

Milla McLachlan, Chief Learning Officer, Rapid Results Institute. Milla is actively involved RRI’s work on Veteran and Youth homelessness in the USA, coaching teams in several cities, including Marion County, OR; Spokane, WA; and Denver, CO. Milla leads the development of the RRI’s coach training curriculum and continues to design and update curricula for 100-Day Challenge events, including a new leadership development program for system leaders.
Jo Zimmer, Coordinator, Rural Oregon Continuum of Care. Jo brings more than 20 years’ experience in safety net programs to the 28-county ROCC. By working to co-productively address issues of housing, homelessness, and poverty in rural Oregon, she hopes to assist communities in doing ‘better’ with less by reframing traditional thinking about funding and service delivery. Evidence-based research, broad advocacy, transformational leadership, strategic partnership- and community-building are primary tools frequently at play in her day-to-day work.”