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HMIS Lead Standards

HMIS Lead Standards

September 23, 2018 2018 Fall Conference

HMIS Lead Standards

HMIS Lead Agencies sit at the critical intersection between CoC leadership, end users, and vendors. As a result, HMIS Leads must have expertise across training, policy, operational, and reporting domains. This session will review the requirements of HMIS Leads and best practices that HMIS Leads have taken to leveraging their capacity and core functions across tasks, and will share management approaches that can help HMIS Leads work smarter and faster.

Ryan Burger, Technical Specialist – ICF; Mike Lindsay, Senior Technical Specialist – ICF

“Ryan Burger, Technical Specialist – ICF. Ryan Burger has ten years of experience in CoC and HMIS management and implementation. At ICF, Ryan provides technical assistance to CoCs on HMIS governance and data sharing, coordinated entry processes, systems planning and implementation and CoC governance. Ryan has developed expertise across a wide range of management, operational and policy areas, and currently chairs the HMIS Lead Mini Team, which is responsible for developing tools and resources to support the work of HMIS Leads and System Administrators. Prior to joining ICF, Ryan worked in a large Continuum of Care conducting data analysis and program evaluation and providing leadership in HMIS development and implementation.

Mike Lindsay, Senior Technical Specialist – ICF. Mike Lindsay has more than 16 years of experience in HMIS and CoC implementation and is currently leading HMIS and CoC TA engagements in many communities to assist in advancing their CoCs and HMIS implementations. His experience is focused on data quality and monitoring, practical and strategic uses of data warehousing techniques, and supporting and growing regional HMIS collaborations. Prior to joining ICF, Mr. Lindsay worked for the Allegheny County Department of Human Services (ACDHS) in Pittsburgh, PA, for 10 years. While at ACDHS, he was the HMIS and CoC Administrator, leading the agency to develop a comprehensive cross-system HMIS integration. He directed HMIS data analysis to inform system redesign, and guided program development and performance evaluation.”