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Data Quality 201: Bed Coverage and Strategies to Improve the Community Experience

Data Quality 201: Bed Coverage and Strategies to Improve the Community Experience

September 23, 2018 2018 Fall Conference

Data Quality 201: Bed Coverage and Strategies to Improve the community experience

This session will focus on how Bed Coverage rates reflect the percentage of homeless assistance beds in a community that are actively participating in HMIS. The session will focus on why the ability to have high or complete bed coverage rates is critical, as it empowers a community to more confidently state that their HMIS data truly reflects their local system of care for persons experiencing homelessness. One of the more challenging aspects of data quality can be improving local bed coverage rates, particularly for projects that are not funded to participate in HMIS. During the session participants will hear first-hand from communities (including Alaska and Idaho) that have successfully improved local bed coverage rates, and will walk away with strategies for how they too can tackle this challenge.

“Mike Lindsay, ICF Alissa Parrish, ICA” “Mike Lindsay, Senior Technical Specialist, ICF, International

Mike Lindsay has more than 17 years of experience in HMIS and CoC implementation and is currently leading HMIS and CoC TA engagements in many communities to assist in advancing their CoCs and HMIS implementations. His experience is focused on data quality and monitoring, practical and strategic uses of data warehousing techniques, and supporting and growing regional HMIS collaborations. Prior to joining ICF, Mr. Lindsay worked for the Allegheny County Department of Human Services (ACDHS) in Pittsburgh, PA, for 10 years. While at ACDHS, he was the HMIS and CoC Administrator, leading the agency to develop a comprehensive cross-system HMIS integration. He directed HMIS data analysis to inform system redesign, and guided program development and performance evaluation.

Alissa Parrish joined the Institute for Community Alliances (ICA) in June 2015 to provide HMIS system administration and technical assistance to the State of Alaska Continuums of Care. Currently, Alissa serves as the HMIS Project Manager for the Statewide Alaska HMIS implementation, as well as the Boise City / Ada County HMIS implementation in the State of Idaho. Formerly the Operations Manager of an emergency shelter in Des Moines, Iowa, Alissa brings experience as an HMIS end user and service provider to her role at ICA. Because of her human services experience and interest, Alissa is passionate about ensuring the data within HMIS is used to assist the families and individuals experiencing or at-risk of homelessness within the communities she works.