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HMIS – How to engage your community

HMIS – How to engage your community

September 23, 2018 2018 Fall Conference

HMIS – How to engage your community
HMIS usage is critical to show the true need in a community. In addition, data transparency is essential when making decisions around resource allocation and how much of each intervention is needed in your system. Reviewing project performance and its impact on system performance is also a crucial part of data management. Over the past 10 years, there have been great strides made within the HMIS user community. Despite this there is still hesitation amongst non-HUD funded agencies to use the system. This session will cover HMIS best practices, how users from various projects came together to develop HMIS policies and standards. Information will be provided on how to keep partners engaged as well as recruit new partners. There will also be a review on the use of HMIS reports for NOFA scoring.

Ana Rausch, MA, Senior Research Project Manager, Coalition for the Homeless, @bookkworm & Ryan Clay, MS, Data Analyst, Coalition for the Homeless

Ana  Rausch  has  more  than  18  years  of  experience  in  project  management  and  social  services  with  a  passion for advocacy and improving services that are provided to the community. Ana currently serves as Senior Research Project Manager with the Coalition for the Homeless where she heads the agency’s HMIS Team and has led in the development and operations management of The Way Home’s (TX‐700 CoC) Coordinated Access system. This system assesses and matches homeless households with appropriate housing  and  has  resulted  in  more  than  2,000  households  obtaining  permanent  housing  since  implementation. In addition, Ana has spearheaded the revised and improved methodology used during the CoC’s Homeless Count. Her previous experience includes managing large housing and basic needs programs for several Houston‐area service providers with a success rate of almost 90%; and obtaining and managing grants that allowed services to be expanded to both Veterans and clients living with HIV/AIDS. Ana  has  presented  at  conferences  at  both  state  and  national  levels  and  holds  both  a  bachelor’s  and  master’s degree in psychology.

Ryan Clay has more than 10 years of experience in Human Services, more specifically working with the homeless population. She currently serves as a HMIS Data Analyst for the Coalition for the Homeless of Houston/Harris County. As a member of the HMIS team, Ryan plays a multifaceted role which includes developing and maintaining policies and procedures in accordance with HUD regulations, data collection and analysis, user training, and community outreach. During her time with the Coalition, Miss. Clay has built and maintained positive relationships and visibility with users and providers, enhancing HMIS’s role and presence in the community. In addition, she successfully leads several key projects: annual submission of the AHAR, Systems Performance monitoring and reporting, Housing Inventory Count, and the sheltered Point in Time Count. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Management and Marketing as well as a Master’s degree in Project Management. ”